Aug. 6th, 2008

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The last couple of weekends have been taken up with the great apartment search. I love where I live, but it really is not big enough for me, my lovely roomies and [ profile] chaosloom. And really, in align with that "starting our new lives together" thing that we are embarking on, it seems like a good time to strike out on our own. Timing wise, we should probably move out by the start of September, because that is when one of the roomies returns from abroad, and things will get much tighter here.

We have looked at a range of places, some decent, some ridiculous. We even found a great one right across the street from where we are now and thought we had ended the search, only to be turned down because of [ profile] chaosloom's credit. One friend, who just finished law school, pointed out that is was illegal for them to have turned us down when my credit and income is enough for me to take on the lease on my own, but we are not sure we want to pursue that "fight back" route at this time. Sigh...

Meanwhile, we have also talked about the possibility of owning. My step-mom thinks this is the perfect time for us to look for a place to buy because of the the current market conditions. There are any number of first-time home owner assistance programs in the towns where we are looking to live. There are even ones that are based on low-income, for which we might qualify for now (based on 2007 income), that we might not qualify for next year.

But really, is it a good time to buy? If so, why? And, what is the first step?

Home, home

Aug. 6th, 2008 10:26 pm
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Wow, thanks for all the good advice on weather to buy a house or not!

As it turns out, we had looked at a place we liked last night that, although we had the same problem with [ profile] chaosloom's credit, the option to co-sign with a family member was also made available. As it turns out, I was having lunch with my dad, so he kindly offered to co-sign. So, since this is a year lease, it looks like we will take at least a year to think about it, and do what ever we can to repair credit, save money, and simply decide if it is even something we want.

Oh, and the new place? It is in an apartment complex the property manager thought we would be a good fit because some of the other tenants are an eclectic mix of artsy types (one example she gave was that one was a fire dance). Also, it is on Echo St. in Piedmont. What a cool address! We are thinking of naming it The Echo Chamber.


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