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Last night I was officially sworn-in as an Associate for CalESAR. What this means is that I can now be called for fairly local day search and rescue operations (potentially with [livejournal.com profile] abditus or even [livejournal.com profile] treboresque if he ever reactivates). I am going to continue with the training to get to Trained level so that I can be called for longer, further searches eventually.
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I feel like life is not giving me much of a break these days. I kind of thought I would be able to rest after Lark Camp, and I did make a point of sleeping late the week I came back, but now I am waking up at 6 each morning to get into work by 8 each morning for an assignment that started yesterday. Blah! I am not a morning person, so this is not ideal. I was hoping that the weekend in Yosemite at the final CalESAR summer camp training would be good practice getting up at 6 AM, but somehow waking up by myself in my own bed is very different from waking up in a sleeping bag with the help of your tent mate and the instructor.

I am managed to stay well through all of the CalESAR Summer Camp and even through the stress of Lark Camp, so, of course now I am fighting a cold. Sigh....

It is odd to think that CalESAR Summer Camp was more of a vacation than Lark. This last weekend I managed to get 2 blisters (one on the inside of my big toe!), but otherwise survived the adventure well. I will post photos later, although I have some of them posted on FaceBook already. Yes, I blame my sister and [livejournal.com profile] abditus for getting a FaceBook account. Oddly, I am enjoying it. Very distracting.

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I arrived home from the second CalESAR Summer Camp Training weekend last night. This time we went to Yosemite, which was lovely, of course.

We were fortunate that there were fewer mosquitos than there had been in the past at that camp ground. I managed to come away with only one mosquito bite, and very little color from sun exposure. We also had a bear visit our camp the first day, which was... exciting.

I also learned some rappelling! That was lots of fun and something I look forwarding to doing again. I would like to learn more since the 30' rock face we rappelled down was hardly enough to give me more than a taste of what is involved. It would have been nice to have practice how to be in better control.


Jun. 20th, 2007 01:31 pm
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I suppose I should post some actual content one of these days, as it has been the typical case of not posting being caused by too much stuff going on in my life.

I recently ended a work contract that lasted about 7 weeks, and coincided with a bunch of things, including two other work projects that are finally done. This means I am available to do some smaller projects over the next couple of months in between everything else going on.

The more interesting things keeping me busy are non-work, of course.

Working backwards:
Sunday I returned safe and sound from my first weekend with CalESAR for wilderness search and rescue training. We went to Henry Coe State Park which is east of Morgan Hill, and turns out to be the largest state park in the state (odd, since most people I talked to had never heard of it, myself included). I am proud to say that I did not get sunburned despite the heat, or get any bug bites! I was even able to keep up with most of the teenager trainees. I enjoyed the knot lesson, and learning how to make shelters with just a parachute cord and tarp. Learning the search types was interesting too. We did have regular visits from a coyote who took a bite out of my Tiva sandals (not while I was wearing them, thankfully), and eventually ran off with [livejournal.com profile] abditus' hat. The next training is in Yosemite, which should be fun.

Over a week ago, on June 8th, as many of you already know, was the wedding of [livejournal.com profile] mercator_7 and [livejournal.com profile] psyche7772. What was special about this, aside from two of some of my favorite people tying the knot, was that it was on a boat which was sailed out on the San Francisco bay. It turned out to be a beautiful day, and was a lot of fun being out on the bay, although predictably windy. The ceremony was held at a calm spot in Raccoon Strait. The Bride and Groom looked lovely and a seemed to enjoy themselves. [livejournal.com profile] gardengirl_34 made cupcakes for the wedding cake, and I helped out by making name tags for the food and putting together the background music playlist, both which were fun projects.

This made me think of the wedding... )


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