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So, it feels too soon for Christmas music, but, you must confess to yourself that you do like some Christmas carols. Well, since it is closer to Halloween, how about some Spooky Christmas Music instead?
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So, it is that time again... First Friday Game Night is almost upon us and I am working on a playlist. The theme this time is Heroes and Villains so many songs from the past playlists have already been added for reprises.

Meanwhile, I would love to have any suggestions that you might have as to what I can add to the playlist that fits the theme.

BTW, please do consider yourself invited. It is an open game night, and it has been picking-up in the last few months.
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I listed them by artist, although I will probably have this on shuffle during the game night. This is 4 hours of music so I doubt it will all be heard at this one event.

As requested... the Sci-Fi playlist for your enjoyment... )

Special thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] devonapple for making me an MP3 of I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper by Sarah Brightman & Hot Gossip in time to add it to the list. Oh, and of course [livejournal.com profile] xthread for letting me rifle through his collection and making some good suggestions.

EDIT: Updated list to show changes made 10/05
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The playlist for the wedding... )
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For my mother's birthday, we are going to see Loreena McKennitt at the Paramount on Saturday. We includes myself, my mom, my brother, his girlfriend, and [profile] psyche7772 . I have one more ticket, and would rather it go to a friend I know joining us. Anyone out there been dying to go to the show and want to join us? The ticket is one of the $50 seats, so it is not nose-bleed, although I don't recall exactly where they are right at the moment.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 04:14 pm
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The other night our next-door neighbor came over to show us something cool a friend of his is building. It is cool enough that I figure a bunch of you would enjoy it too. Please take yourself to SonicLiving and explore away!

Things of note you can do with your Sonic Living account:
• upload your artists from iTunes so you can choose from a tailored list
• get alerts for concerts or other events from your wish-list of artists
• add events you are interested in to your calendar
• check out your friends wish-lists to see what artists you have in common
• jump to where you can buy tickets for an event

For example, I was able to find that there is an Amon Tobin concert coming up on May 25, which is something I would not have thought to look for.

Not to mention Loreena McKennitt being in town in May.

Either of those would make for a good birthday event....hmmmm....

So, get and account and add me as a friend so we can all enjoy Sonic Living together!
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This link as requested for [livejournal.com profile] ailurodragon...


WARNING! this site plays music when you open the page.
You have been warned.
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Hear Music is a dangerous place for me to enter. I cannot get out of there without buying at least one CD, and only one is rare. This last visit netted me 4 purchases, one a double disc collection (more on that one later).

I discovered something interesting about an artist that I did not realize was working a solo career. Azam Ali is the lead vocalist in Vas, a group I have enjoyed for years and for which I own several albums. Not so long ago, I also purchased a collection that was a tribute to Neil Gaiman called Where's Neil When You Need Him? and featuring an eclectic selection of artists. After getting Ali's latest CD (Elysium For The Brave) I discovered that there is not only an Ali song on the Neil Gaiman collection, but, although they have different names (the version on the Gaiman CD is called "The Cold Black Key"), that song also appears on her latest album as a song called "In Other Worlds."


Dec. 8th, 2006 12:20 pm
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I broke down yesterday and went and got a prescription for antibiotics. A week of being sick and not really getting any better convinced me, as did finding out that one friend who might be one of the sources of said illness are still sick after 6 weeks and the other finally got antibiotics to cure an opportunistic sinus infection that took hold of both of them. Bleh! I have been prone to both sinus infections and bronchitis in the past and don' t want to risk it.

Those sick friends are the same that bowed out on [livejournal.com profile] gardengirl_34 and I last night for the concert, but we found two eager replacements to take their place and all enjoyed the concert last night, even in the nose-bleed seats. The Paramount is such a lovely venue, and Death Cab for Cutie put on a good show.

Thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] gardengirl_34 for arranging to get the tickets.

Now I crawl back into bed to let the antibiotics do their job. Hopefully they will have done their magic enough to make me human tomorrow at Dickens.
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I finally called my old roommate, R and asked him to join [livejournal.com profile] gardengirl_34 and I for the Death Cab for Cutie KFOG Toys for Tots concert on December 7. When I told him why I wanted to know what he was doing that night he said he would clear his schedule (probably meaning turning down a catering gig that night to do so). When he went over in his mind what was going on at work that day (turns out a big 100-person catering for a work event) he said that he definitely needed to make sure he can make it to the concert that night.

It was real nice to hear how excited he was upon finding out why I was calling.
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Thomas Dolby and Friends play Red Devil Lounge on Nov. 21. Ragani gets to finally see one of her favorite artists from her high school days. Wonder If she will like the music as much as she did then....


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