Nov. 27th, 2004


Nov. 27th, 2004 08:50 pm
ragani: (Leeloo & Yeats)
I would like to think I can be an even keeled, unflappable person when it comes to dealing with standard pet issues, but I know that is often just not true. Case in point, after being away from home for over 2 days, I come home and open the door only to find my favorite scarf on the floor (which I know was hung-up when I left) and sopping wet from all the cat pee (not to mention the cable bill sitting next to it).

Gee thanks, Leeloo! I really wanted my Italian imported (personally) two-tone thneed to smell worse than the litter box, especially now that I have even more outfits to wear it with. And with the automatic litter-box looking like a well groomed Japanese garden, I begin to feel that this is a deliberate campaign to piss me off. Well, she does do it to [ profile] abditus' stuff also, just that mine seems to be the target all that more often.

If it was even humanely possible, we would start by having your vocal cords removed, but I just can't even envision how we could have your bladder removed.

Strike that. That is just my anger and frustration talking.

Anyway, as both [ profile] abditus and I have read several times before, pets respond better to positive reinforcement. But I ask you this, how do we positively reinforce a cat to NOT pee on stuff that is not the litter box? Sure, we could shower her with treats and attention every time we notice her actually use the litter box. But is that really going to stop her from peeing on anything she sees laying on the ground that looks more comfortable?


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