Aug. 9th, 2004

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So, for all you guys out there that think the idea of wearing a kilt for everyday wear, but can't afford a UtiliKilt (or just want an alternative) check out the Mountain Kilt by Mountain Hardwear.
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Alton Brown made a recent appearance at the Orange Country Fair, and a Good Eats and AB fan that is also a LJer was there to report on the show and take some great photos.

Thanks [ profile] chicklet73 for the link.
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There are a couple of thoughts I want to share on how the henna biz is doing for me.

First, please come by and visit me at the Family Fun Festival this Saturday in Berkeley. There is no cost to attend, and that price includes live music, and access to both the crafts and yummy food vendors. Later in the day, [ profile] emberleo is supposed to come help me out so there will be two lovely ladies worth visiting in the same place.

Doing hanna art at Lark Camp (swap meet) was a bit of a bust, because it was so cold, I could only do half a day, and there was another henna artist. In the end I did get to pow-wow with the other henna artist, Rica (a very sweet, spaced-hippy woman) about henna and ideas about working together. We exchanged cards, and I am going to call her to find out where she gets her henna from (she did not have the info on hand) since she was getting a darker color than I was with my paste. Much of that could just be because I did not have all the ingredients I usually have, but I have been disappointed with the stain from this last batch of henna powder. If I can get a better quality powder before the start of the NorCalRenFaire, that would make me much happier about being in charge of mixing all the henna for the Hanna Garden this year.

Before leaving for Lark Camp over a week ago I got a check in the mail from BayCon. If you recall (to save having to look through the old post) I had this to say about the chocker:
On a better note, the choker, The One Choker, that I also entered (and forget to take a photo of) was bid on, so did not come home with me. Since I put the minimum bid on that for $5, I am sure it did not go for much. It is a start though.
Well, I had no idea how much it sold for in the auction, so I was suprised when I found that it went for $40! Since the art show takes a cut, I ended up with a check for $34 for my trouble. It does not cover my cost for the con, but it makes it a lot less painful to have sold something, and for more than just pocket change. Maybe I should make some more mid-priced items for next year. Any other ideas?

Like I mentioned above (and before), I am doing the Northern California Renaissance Faire although I did not mention that [ profile] abditus does not want to commit to doing anything that will take up all his weekends for that long, so will probably not be doing Faire with me. I am sad because I will miss him, but I understand why he does not want to make that kind of commitment. I am hoping that there are enough other people coming down that I can do some carpooling since I would rather not make that kind of drive alone each weekend. As for lodging, I still don't want to have to set-up a tent each weekend (especially alone), so I might just take my booth up on the standing offer of space to sleep in the Henna Garden. I can bring my nifty new sleeping bag, and self inflating camp sleeping pad to make the straw-bales more comfortable. (And [ profile] emberleo, if you would rather avoid the tent issue also, I am sure you can take advantage of this as well.)


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