Dec. 27th, 2004

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I got some lovely gifts this year, of which I am very thankful. I wanted to mention a few that especially touched me.

First, [ profile] abditus gave me a gift certificate (redeemable at my nearest [[ profile] abditus]) for motorcycle lessons. This is an especially cool gift because it is something I was thinking of doing and was not sure I could afford. I am not sure if I want to ride motorcycles, but this is a good way to find out. If I do, I can easily get my license right after the class. If not, than I know for sure, and have hopefully had a fun adventure finding out. Thanks, honey!

As expected, my dad stalked my Amazon wish-list and got me two things my computer really needed: a new keyboard (which I am using to type this right now) and a DVD/CD drive (yay!). He also got me the lovely DVD, Winged Migration (which we watched that night, including the interesting making-of portion). Thanks, dad!

My grandparents were their usual generous selves, and, as they have been doing lately, gave each of us money. Sure, money is always great, but you might be thinking that this is a cop-out. However, I actually mention this because in our family, they do so much for us, that by giving us the money they would have spent on gifts means they have saved themselves a bunch of hassle that we would rather not have them suffer. So, I think many of us feel the way I do which is that I am happier for them to reduce their stress, and still be able to be the benefactors they like to be to their loved ones.

That is not to say that they did not put a lot of effort into a very special gift for each of us. In fact, they each put most of their effort into two different binders which we all received which mean more and will last longer than the money ever could.

My grandfather made CDs and a binder directory for each of us a collection of family photos spanning century (1890–1990). He has been spending the last several years scanning in his favorite photos from all the family photo albums and formally passed the results on to us this year. Being an artist, I am rather excited about this, and although he gave me the many of these before, this collection is more complete and the directory is invaluable. So cool, granddad!

My grandmother got ambitious this year also. After the family calendars I made for everyone last year, she was inspired to put together a family recipe binder. Now we have been bugging her to do this for years, so this was met with much cheer from everyone. She has shared individual recipes when we asked (I still use her copy of the classic cheese fondue recipe often) but to have most of them all together in one binder, and cataloged by category no less, is great. My granddad helped out here also, and included photos from throughout the years for each section. Grandma made sure to point out that it was a binder so we could add more later. Yay for grandma!

Well, this post has gone on way too long, and I should really get ready for bed soon.
I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday, and has a great new year.


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