Dec. 21st, 2004

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For those who don't already know, I grew-up in Red Sox territory. I am not a huge sports fan, but I still feel some loyalty to the first baseball team I ever cheered for, so I was delighted that they won the World Series this year.

My high school best friend, [ profile] msvwrose who is dating a big Red Sox fan, sent me the following spoof that had me giggling about half way through. He assured her that he had not made any promises.

What would you give to have the Red Sox win the World Series?

Note: don't run your mouse over the advert on the right, as it starts to play music that overrides the sound in the video.
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You know when someone does something rude or inconsiderate in public, and you really want to say something, but your social filter prevents you because it is not socially acceptable? Sure, we will say many a derisive thing in our cars at that guy who just cut us off, but you will probably never face him in person, so your filter is on low, or even off.

How about when you see someone do something very minor, and probably not even meant with malice at all, but you really want to point it out to them?

I was walking to my favorite cafe to get my morning coffee when this older, obviously well-off woman runs around me right before I get there, and runs into the cafe and gets in line to order. I came-up right behind her, and the phrase that popped into my head was: So you did just rush past me to get in front of me in line?

I only hesitated a second before deciding to say it anyway.
No, really, I did.

She was startled to say the least, and a little flustered, saying something about how she sometimes just likes to run. She then asked if I would like to go in front of her if I was in a hurry. Well since the line was indeed long enough that it was going take a while, I pointed out that I was on my coffee break, so it would be helpful. She confessed to being retired, and not in a hurry at all, and stepped back to let me in front of her.

OK, that is it, really. Nothing else really came of it. We stood in slightly awkward silence waiting for our turns to order. I got a mocha, to go, and she ordered eggs and coffee to eat there, and obviously was a regular. The only other thing that happened, which had little to do with the first interaction, was that she was distracted when her change was being handed back, so I took it and handed it to her.

Why am I posting about this? Well, I feel a bit triumphant that I actually said what I wanted to say and did not let my social filter stop me, and yet it did not turn into an ugly scene. Usually I only go that far when I am truly angry, and I was not particularly angry this time, just a little miffed.

Do any of you have incidents where you did say or wish you had said what was on your mind to a stranger in public?

Edit: And how did you feel about it if you did (or didn't) say what you wanted?


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