Oct. 28th, 2004

The Sox

Oct. 28th, 2004 10:10 am
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Unless you are living in a cave, you probably have heard that the Red Sox won the world series. Why do I care? Well, having grown-up less than 10 miles from Fenway Park, I have a certain amount of pride for my home team winning, but especially since they have not won a series in 86 years. They nearly did when I was in High School, which sparked enough interest in me, that I am tickled that they finally won. Go Sox!

There is actually a bit of an office rivalry between the Sox fans (me, my boss, and a couple others) and my boss's boss. She was in NY last week rooting for the Yankees, of course, but this week, she brought in baseball themed cupcakes she had baked and noted that they were for anyone who was not rooting for the Sox to win. I made a point of not touching them.

For an office of mostly woman, I am surprised at how into sports we can be. My boss is a jock (she plays and teaches soccer, as well as watches baseball and football) so she is less of a surprise to me, but the few guys in the office seem like they hardly care at all compared to the woman. As for friends, I tend not to choose sports fans, especially the guys I hang around with, so I actually know more woman excited about sports than I do men. Personally, I want my favorite teams to win out of loyalty, of course, but don't want to commit to following the games as that is not my scene.

[livejournal.com profile] whuffle, the only regular poster on my f-list living in the Boston area right now (we met when I was in junior high) posted the following to a comment I made in her post:
Somehow Californians seem more involved in politics than sports. Can't say as I blame them. Besides, per capita, there are more Californians actually DOING sports as opposed to just spectating. So they are just too busy having fun to care about the major leagues.

As for Californians playing sports, I suppose that they could be characterized as more into playing than watching, but not by much. Try to get onto a BART train heading toward Pac Bell Park or Oakland Coliseum right before a game, and you might feel otherwise!

I played more sports when I was growing-up in the Boston area, but that was probably due more to my age. I have never been a jock, or that into sports one way or the other, and tend to be too lazy anyway. Team sports are not my preferred style of exercise anyway, and come well after things like cycling, martial arts, and, of course, dance.


Oct. 28th, 2004 03:52 pm
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Plans are starting to solidify for the Requiem, Mass of the Dead performance (and no [livejournal.com profile] abditus, that is not performance hair cutting!)

From my perspective here is what the plan looks like:
Leave work at 5: 20 to catch BART to SF
5:45 meet Thea at the Embarcadero Muni station to catch the N-Judah train to the inner Sunset.
6:15 meet Elizabeth (and any others that can make it) at Pluto's
7:30 pick-up tickets at the Seventh Street Presbyterian Church
8:00 San Francisco Renaissance Voices begin their a cappella performance of Requiem, Mass for the Dead
Post Requiem those with the interest go out for dessert, etc.
Return home via a ride from someone else returning to the east bay (hint, hint)

Remember, bring your own cushion since this is church pews we are talking about.

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