Oct. 6th, 2004


Oct. 6th, 2004 11:16 am
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I was running late this morning because someone kept me up late last night, so did not want to get out of bed at all. I dragged myself out in time, but after getting into my car I realized that I needed to fill-up, so ended up stopping for gas as well (almost $2.30 a gallon for 87!!) making me even later. Traffic was not much better.

While merging over on the freeway my mind started on a familiar rant about other drivers. It started when I signaled to indicate that I was going to merge into a space that was in the lane to my left then started pulling into said space. The huge pick-up truck that I was pulling in front of was rather offended by my need to move over in front of his vehicle, apparently. He chose to express his unhappiness by pulling up to me so close that I could count the dead bugs on his grill (which filled my back window, btw) if I was willing to give it my full attention. He also honked and proceeded to wag his finger at me as if being a grumpy sour-puss old man made him my driving instructor. Now mind you, we were moving at 5 MPH tops, so he had plenty of time to see that I had signaled and was moving over. It was right after an on-ramp, so the influx of new cars should be expected at this point. But somehow, I was (in his mind) wrong for inserting myself into his lane. I mean really, he drives a huge truck, so it is all about him, right?

Grumpy-puss was so disgusted he had to share the lane with me, that he took the next chance he could to move over one more lane to the left, which was also my eventual preferred lane. I bided my time, and about a mile later, when my lane had actually advanced a bit after than his, someone signaled that they wanted to move from his lane mine, and I really hope grumpy-puss saw how I slowed down to let said car move over. I was promptly rewarded with a perfect opportunity to move over to my preferred lane, 8 or 9 cars ahead of Grumpy-puss. For all those people out there that feel that driving is a race (especially on the highway) I was amused that I ended up ahead of Grumpy-puss anyway, and all while still being polite to the other drivers on the road.

Why Grumpy-puss is not my driving instructor...  )

I think I will take a turn at Burnout3 when my wrist is not so sore and try all those things I carefully avoid on the real road. Like the part of the game where you get rewarded for how big a pile-up you can cause. But for now, I will accept the good karma for having been polite on the real road today as my reward.


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