Sep. 17th, 2004

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I know some people who seem to have a natural talent for spelling ([ profile] devonapple's wife, for example), but I am not one of them (I miss about half of these). In second grade I was tested above average in everything but spelling (for which I was only at a second grade level). My little (half) sister has the same problem, which seems to confound our family since our father does not. Both my older (half) brother and [ profile] abditus have poor spelling as bad as mine with the added challenge of dyslexia. I especially get tripped-up on things like when to use a double letter, and all those silly silent letters, and of course, vowels. I try to follow all those rules, but then they are broken and I am supposed to remember all of those exceptions!

I mean really, do I tease people who are not confident artists? )

When than was then )

While trying to help [ profile] abditus find the correct spelling of the French word for those little snack foods served before a main dish, I came across a very handy list.

Not only was it able to clarify the hors d’oeuvres quandry I was able to review the than/then issue I had back when I was 10, as well as discovered I was not as wrong about the use of towards as I thought (based on so many spell-checkers correcting me) I was. Oh, and one that has been bugging me in LJ and IM has finally been sorted out. Yay!

Check it out and see if you can excise your own spelling and/or grammar ghosts. There is even a non-errors section of things people are incorrectly correcting. And by the way, it is OK or O.K. although okay is also OK. I am sure I will find many more as I review.

edit: to fix okay per noirem
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A very "special" dictionary. by lily22
Look up:
Definition:Those little accent thingies that hover over e's and i's and stuff.
Quiz created with MemeGen!


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