Sep. 10th, 2004

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Is anyone else going to be working at the RenFaire at Casa de Fruta?

Since [ profile] abditus has declined working Faire this year, I am looking at making the drive by myself, which I am not looking forward to. I have come to the conclusion that carpooling would make it much less of a drag, and save on money.

If you think you could hook-up with me for some or all of the run of Faire to share the burden, please let me know. I am coming from the Oakland area, and can leave as early Friday as just after work (5ish). I have a station wagon, although since I am not usually taking lots of stuff with me (aside from first weekend down, and last weekend home) I can passenger as well.

I am also going down at least once this weekend to take care of paperwork. Is anyone else planning to go on Saturday?
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Just thought you might like to know....

Advanced tickets are now on sale for
The 26th Annual Great Dickens Christmas Fair
located at the Cow Palace in San Francisco,
Saturdays and Sundays Nov.27th - Dec.19th.

This Bay Area holiday tradition brings together holiday hand crafts,
delicious foods, and amazing entertainments, all surrounded by the charm
of 19th century Dickens' London, brought to life.

Immerse yourself in history, and start a tradition with your family.
Receive $5 off every adult ticket, and $2 off every child's ticket by
ordering on line at:

If unable to order on line, or if your interested in group sales
information, please call our office at (415)897-4555.

Ticket Sales Coordinator
As You Like It Productions
Theme Events, Ltd.
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So, during [ profile] musique174' s Knit Night it was suggested that I host another Stitch n' B*tch at my house. It has been a while, since the weather is not exactly conducive to warm knitting projects draped across one's lap, but I want to remind people that SnB is not limited to just knitting so feel free to bring non-knitting domestic sports projects as well. However, if you want to learn knitting, we are happy to help get you up to speed.

This Thursday, starting at 7 PM, at my house in the Richmond Annex, we will be gathering for a rousing night of domestic sports.

Please let me know if you wish to join and if you need directions.
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We have a decent selection of good food in the area I work. The best mocha, IMHO, can be found at Café 817, and we even have a brew-pub in the same building (hey [ profile] abditus, did you know Pacific Coast Brewing Co. has free WiFi?). Today, [ profile] archanglekhaos and I had lunch at Ratto's Sandwich Shop, which is not only a landmark, but a decent international market to boot. Not to mention, Le Cheval and Battambang for when I want something more exotic. I am sad to say Oaktown Café closed (we miss you, Lou!) as did Toutatis. Toutatis had decent crepes, but nonexistent service, which made going there for lunch difficult as it easily took over an hour. The Courthouse Grill, which replaced it, is not an improvement, and I will be surprised if they last long.

Crepes are one of the foods that [ profile] abditus and I both have a discerning appreciation for, which translates to: we are picky, but when we find a good crepe, are loyal customers. In fact, abditus dedicated his first LJ post to the departure of our favorite crepe place. There are a variety of crepes styles, but the French cafe style, when done right, is a divine thing. Also recommended is Brittany crepes, such as found at Ti Couz in San Francisco.

Several blocks away, a nice stroll brings you to Oakland City Center, which has a wide selections, including many familiar standards. Yesterday I wondered over there to discover a new dinning option had just opened. I was especially excited to note that it included the word crepes in the title. I am sad to report I was underwhelmed by Metro Crepes. I chose the Paris crepe, touted as a classic ham and jarlsberg cheese. My order was ready very quickly, and presented in a triangular shaped box, which contained a foil and paper wrapped wedge. After pealing back the foil I could tell I would be disappointed. Well, for one thing, the cheese was hardly even melted! Anyway, jarlsberg is a swiss cheese, and I do not think it is the traditional choice for French crepes in Paris. Also, the crepe itself was a thick, pre-made thing (hence the speedy arrival) reminding me of a think spongy tortilla, and the whole concoction was overly peppered.

On a yummier note, on the way back to the office, I noticed that a new Breads of India is opening next month less than 2 blocks from my office. I have only visited the Berkeley BofI location once, and although it was not the best Indian I have ever had, it was good enough to return if the chance arose.

Hey, [ profile] devonapple, pass this on to your lovely wife, since she will be soon working in the same area.


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