Aug. 27th, 2004

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Do you know that feeling you get when you think of the perfect come-back retort, only it is way to late?

This morning while driving to work I thought of a retort to something my brother said to me when we were kids. We were both eating pancakes, and I was putting honey on mine instead of maple syrup, like him. He made a comment, steeped in kid logic, about maple syrup being better because it came from a big, strong tree in stead of a little flower, like honey.

The comeback?

Which would you rather have to deal with, a maple tree that has just been tapped for sap or a hive of bees that have just had their hone come taken from their hive?
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While getting the link to my brother's page for that last post, I noticed he had added photos to his site. In browsing through what he has there I noticed a link to photos of some people getting a haircut.

A little background: my brother has had long hair for all of his adult life, and even some of his childhood as well. As my mom will now doubt back me up, my brother hates haircuts, so I did not think this would include him.

Well... it starts with this photo, which is a good photo of what my brother typically looks like.

And features such photos as this one, much to my shock. The photos from the next day include this one.

He is coming over tonight to have me do some henna designs on him before he leaves for burning man. I saw him last on July 4th, where he looked the same as usual. Wanna bet he deliberately did not tell me about this because he wants to shock me, and actually wants me to henna his head?

What do you think? Does it work for him?

Funny thing is that for not particular reason last night I was thinking about my father (no relation to my older half-brother) being one of those guys who looks good balding (despite the jokes his wife makes about it).


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