Jun. 8th, 2004

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...and so is [livejournal.com profile] abditus.

We shopped a lot this weekend. Not only did we eat out (or get take out) for all our meals, which we have been doing far too often lately (the bane of being foodies and feeling too lazy to cook - and especially to clean) but we did our part in the durable goods purchases department also.

For my big purchase, I cashed in a gift certificate my grandparents gave me for my birthday. I thought it was going to be for Fry's, which would have allowed me to buy something computer related. Instead, they got a Best Buy gift card which totally changed my options. For one thing, Best Buy does not have much in the way of stuff for Macs, and there really was not much out there that they did have for computers that I really wanted. So instead I decided to get myself the dyson animal. Yes, it is not something I (or most anyone) would typically buy themselves for a birthday present, even with a gift card, but since my last vacuum had recently been put to pasture (also a present from my grandmother 15 years ago) it seemed like the best opportunity to replace it. I finally made some time to take it out of the box last night, and wow does it suck well! I managed to fill the canister up halfway with just the livingroom rug and the cat tree!

For his big purchase, abditus was more entertainment oriented, and invested in a Sirius radio. He seemed to have fun exploring a whole new selection of channels (over 110!) and we listened to it often throughout the weekend. Nifty! I think it will be especially cool when he gets this all hooked-up on his motorcycle so he can listen where ever he goes. I love gadget geeks!

The other purchase we made was primarily a bunch of plants (and pots) which we actually went home right away and repotted. We are now the proud caretakers of a star-jasmine (front step), a dwarf Meyer lemon tree (back deck), a strawberry plant and a slew of herbs to add to the tomato and pepper plant I got a little while ago (which finally got repotted this weekend also). The herbs, tomato and strawberry plants are nicely set-up in the ledge right above the kitchen sink which gets plenty of sun, and makes that area rather lush. We also brought some house plants in from the potting shed that had been out there since we move in, a year ago (today, in fact!).


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