May. 22nd, 2004

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I just finished cleaning-up the kitchen from the fabulous party that we had for my birthday last night. The primary reason this was such a fabulous party was because my boyfriend did such a great job making it so. If anything, he went over the top at times, buying a waffle iron and making fresh waffles from scratch so he could present me a candle bedecked waffle with ice cream, caramel (also made from scratch) and whipped cream! Yum! And, that was after we had cheese fondue, wine fondue (with fresh salmon and steak) and evil caramel fondue.

There was a total of eight people, which turned out to be a good number, giving everyone access to dip into the fondue pot. it was a good group, and I really enjoyed be able to all interact together, instead of the group being so big that I did not get to spend time with every guest. I think that is what I am enjoying the most about splitting the party up into to several smaller ones. Well, that, and getting to make my birthday last longer, of course!

He really did go overboard, and we have way too much food, which is why we may opt for coming back here and eating more fondue and waffles after the movie on Sunday. CPK is all well and good, but it would be nice not to let all this yummy food go to waste (and there is no way we could eat it all ourselves before it went bad!).

Anyone want to come help us consume yumminess tomorrow afternoon?


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