Mar. 10th, 2004

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The Good
I love the warm spring weather we are having! It puts me in a good mood, especially since it means I can wear some of the clothes I don't get to when it is colder. I know this will not last much longer, but even a week of this type of weather feels like a mini vacation.

Since work has not been too stressful, lately, and I have been able to work on some projects that are actually fun at times, I am feeling mostly good about my job at this time.

My relationship with my BF is (slowly) improving, and this week is the first time in a while that I am not feeling much anxiety about how things are between us. It is an ongoing process, but I am feeling like he is more on-board with the process now, which is encouraging.

The Bad
The job that my BF has had since April 03 (after 2 years out of work effectively) is stressing him out to a fairly high degree right now. The team is not making deadlines for the big project that is the main reason the team exists, which is making him very worried about how long he will be employed. The golden-handcuffs bonus he was promised is tied to the project being finished on time, so he is not sure he will ever see a cent of it at this rate.

Last night I received my upgrade copy of GoLive. When I went to install it, I discovered that it is only an upgrade from either version 5 or 6. I only have version 4.

The Ugly
After discovering the GoLive snafu, I stomped down the stairs to complain to my BF about the situation, only to twist my ankle on one of the steps. Ow! Now my right ankle is rather swollen and somewhat sore. I have often sprained either of my ankles (and once even both at the same time!), so they are fairly easy to sprain, but fortunately that means they tend not to sprain too badly anymore (or I have just been lucky). My BF was sweet about getting me ice for my foot right away, but it did keep me awake much of the night.


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