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One of the problems with moving is not being able to find things. Last night, the first night in the new place, [livejournal.com profile] chaosloom and I carefully unpacked the things we knew we were going to need for the bed (lamp, alarm clock, ear plugs, etc.). Knowing we were going to sleep better clean, we each took showers and crawled into bed, only to find that the two bottles we packed were ibuprofen and... another bottle of ibuprofen. Not the bottle of benadryl that we knew we were going to need to manage the effects of all the dust and help us sleep. Do'h! So, not so much sleep later, I am awake, and really missing that benadryl.

We got about 80% of the stuff over to the new place (thanks to the helps of our moms and some awesome friends), but still have a bunch of stuff over at the Greenhouse, and a ton of cleanup to do there. And, of course, the task of unpacking, that includes just finding every day things. Not to mention that much of the furniture is not even where it will probably end-up living. I am going to use this earlier than intended morning to find my clothes.

Anyone want to come over and help us unpack? It will be like Christmas! No, really! Well, maybe not.


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