Jul. 20th, 2008

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Going to one's 20th HS reunion can be a chancy thing, especially when you missed the 10th so have not seen most of these people since you graduated. I helped out with some of the prep, most notably by scanning in the senior portraits and printing them out to be name tags. This turned out to be a big hit as people really got a kick out of seeing who had changed a lot and who looked the same (one guy even went around taking photos of everyone's name tag). Not to mention how helpful it was for jogging our memories. The turn-out was rather good, considering, and we ended up with probably 130+ people (including SO's, about 105 actual graduates from our year). The place was packed, wall-to-wall alumni, and I had almost lost my voice in the first hour just trying to make myself heard. It was odd being mobbed by people you may know, but don't necessarily recognize (I was handing out the name tags). I recognized several people right away, and totally flubbed a couple too (sorry Ceni and Tim!).

It was also fun having both John Hodgeman and Jonathan Coultan at my reunion. Nope, they did not crash it. Hodgman was the year behind us, so knew many of us in our year (including the girl he married), and it is through him that JoCo (who was a college buddy) met and married another girl in my class. John gave me a big hug when he saw me, but we did not talk much because there were so many people there we never managed to hang out. At some point I struck up a conversation with JoCo. Being at a reunion where he was a spouse is a different dynamic than the last time I met him, so I actually got a chance to talk to him this time (last time I had a sip of his brandy while talking with Hodgman at his book signing).

Additional highlights of the actual reunion include at least one apology for how badly I was treated by one of the guys who teased me a lot when we were in grade school (I had another one before the reunion from another gal by e-mail), and many people thanking me for my help with the reunion who barely talked to me in HS. Not to mention finding out that a friend of mine used my name in a screenplay he is writing as one of the kids who is the first to get killed in a slasher movie. He was worried I would be offended, but I thought it was a hoot!


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