Nov. 16th, 2004

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Happy birthday [ profile] japlady!

Did you know you are as old as the invention of the office cubicle?

Some quotes from other people who share your birthday:

Oswald Mosley was born on November 16, 1896
Anyone who knows how difficult it is to keep a secret among three men - particularly if they are married - knows how absurd is the idea of a worldwide secret conspiracy consciously controlling all mankind by its financial power; in real, clear analys

Mary Margaret McBride was born on November 16, 1899
There are many things that you're not supposed to eat, especially children

Eddie Condon was born on November 16, 1904
American jazz guitarist and musician. 1904-1973
As it enters the ear, does it come in like broken glass or does it come in like honey?

Jose Saramago was born on November 16, 1922
Portuguese novelist and man of letters, 1998 Nobel Prize for Literature, b.1992
Some people send their entire lives reading but never get beyond reading the words on the page, they don't understand that the words are merely stepping stones placed across a fast-flowing river, and the reason they're there is so that we can reach the farther shore, it's the other side that matters.

Elizabeth Drew was born on November 16, 1935
American writer, b.1935
The test of literature is, I suppose, whether we ourselves live more intensely for the reading of it

What's yours?


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