May. 4th, 2004


May. 4th, 2004 10:29 am
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So verbose )

I love that the 40th most used word is fondue.

Henna plans

May. 4th, 2004 11:16 am
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OK, henna season has officially started. I got a call this weekend from the first person to use my business cards as such. Turns out she had picked it up almost a year ago, and kept it the whole time. She wanted me come over sometime this month to do an anklet for her and her mother. I scheduled it for May 15th since I have yet to make specific plans that day, and figure I should spend that weekend working on henna prep stuff anyway.

On other henna business fronts (and what I need to spend that weekend working on), I have a couple of events coming up I need to start focusing on. The big one this month is BayCon, which I have been lax in sending in my application for. Yikes! It is later this month and my bf & I have already agreed to share a room with [ profile] zhaneel69 and [ profile] fan_boy. I just wrote and e-mail to the staff in charge of the artist alley to see if there is still room this late in the game (it was not full last year, so I can hope).

The next thing is I need to do is decide about some potential events I would need to apply for space by May 28th. The ecology center in Berkeley has a couple of farmer's market related crafts fairs each summer, I did them both last year. This year they have a Summer Solstice Celebration on June 19th, and a Family Fun Festival on August 14th. The fee is only $40 for each date, which is not bad at all. I did not do a lot of business at the two I did last year, and I am not sure how much of that was just because people did not know to expect a henna artist, or because I did not have much else to sell that was not just samples. I suspect I could much better with more stock and a better set-up booth. Also, if I got there earlier, I would end up with a better location in relation to most of the action. I also hope to have someone help me with this as it is difficult to do this alone, either with the henna art ([ profile] emberleo?) or just to help hold down the fort.

The next event I am already scheduled for is July 4th weekend at the Marin County Fair. Last year I worked for another artist, Sonya, as her second for about half of this event and made a decent amount of money. I actually took the 1st and 2nd off from work to be able to work this entire event this year.

The other items that I should be working on are setting-up regular appearances at places like Change Makers for Woman and What the Traveller Saw, both places I have been wanting to be a regular. [ profile] emberleo and I were talking with the owner/manager of Change Makers late last year who was interested, but we have not committed to any actual dates yet. As for What the Traveller Saw, I just noticed that they are opening a new location at the top of Solano later this month, just 2 miles from my house!
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For all your game geeks out there (and I know there are plenty) there is a game store in the east bay that is soon (or even now) having a major liquidation sale.

Please check-out It's Your Move as soon as you can.
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Since last year my birthday sucked because no solid plans to celebrate were followed through, I am going to have to make them myself this year. (grrr)

I have decided what I want to do for my birthday this year, or at least part of it. There is still room for enhancements (hint, hint).

Since it comes out the weekend right after my birthday, I want a group of friends to go see Shrek 2 with me.

Those that consider themselves my friends and wish to see my have a better birthday than last year will help make this happen.

I have spoken.

(See, there, now I can't be accused of not letting people know what I want. I am determined not to spend my birthday in tears this year, OK? Is that really so much to ask?)


May. 4th, 2004 08:20 pm
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I just got this reply from the BayCon art staff:

I have a Henna artist in the alley already. We usually limit space
to one of each type of art form. That way the 20 odd artists we have
space for don't have to compete with each other.

This both sucks and lets me off the hook. Mainly it sucks. Last year I was the only artist in the alley, but they had an artist in the vendor room. She was very gracious, but I could tell she was not too happy about me being there, and told me at the end of the weekend that she did not do as well as she had in the past. She attributed much of that to the economy, but wondered if this venue could not support two artists. I pointed out that we really served different customers and that I was not doing any of the traditional work that she was known for, but instead more fandom and custom work.

Sigh.... this is what I get for not being more proactive this year with the whole henna thing. Perhaps I can still have the map in the art gallery (you can just see the edges of it in the photos on the page linked above).


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