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Been working here as a freelancer for over 9 months, and recently interviewed for the position. Just got offered the job today. Woot!
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Got caught up with work. Mostly. Now I need to do some billing to get paid for said work.

Still have some prep to do for the window that [livejournal.com profile] chaosloom and I are doing Saturday at 4 (it becomes a coordinated window around about 4:30) and we are going to have to wing it if we don't get any rehearsal time in. Oh well.

This weekend looks to be as busy as last one, what with a Storytelling party tonight and a Veddy British party Saturday night. Not to mention some shuffling around of schedules at the booth due to my window and various and sundry illness (stay healthy guys!) which should make Saturday... interesting (note, I did not say bad, just interesting). Oh, and I think I get to meet [livejournal.com profile] chaosloom's father at fair that day too. Yes... like I said, interesting.

To add to that, the third roommate returns from her travels so [livejournal.com profile] gardengirl_34 and I have some tidying to do. Nothing too bad, but we have been rather distracted lately, what with Dickens and the holidays.

Oh, and this gives me a good excuse to use my new icon based on a DG window from last year. I have yet to see any decent photos from the window that [livejournal.com profile] fools_and_irish and I did last Saturday. The ones my mom took are all blurry as she is still learning how to use her new camera.
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Although I did finally succumb to the point of going to the doctor, and, on his advice, taking a couple of days off from the current assignment I am on, it has not been too bad. Not only did taking some time of help me get better, but prevented me from being very bored at work.

The project on this assignment is finite, and there is only so much that has been ready for me to work on at any one time. I think it is a good thing that I have keep just a little work ahead of me, say, less than a days worth, so that I have something to work on the next morning in case there is nothing else ready yet (which has happened more often then not). Since much of it is waiting for feedback at this point, and the rest I have left to do until then can be done before lunch on Monday, it does not seem to have been too much of a problem not being there for two days.

Although I am not at 100% yet, I think I am enough better to make it through this weekend without totally ditching my plans.

Saturday I was hoping to finally make it to the Golden Gate Ren Faire, which I have managed to miss every year for some reason. Who else is going?

Saturday night a friend has a ticket with my name on it for Avenue Q.

Sunday is probably best spent taking care of Casa Faire stuff, so it looks like I will be driving down that morning after all.
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It sure is nice when a client I have worked for before asks for me back. Especially when it is for a longer gig. A company I last worked with over a year ago called me this past week to ask for my availability, and the agency confirmed with me today. This looks like almost 2 months worth of work, starting later this month, which is great, especially before my life gets really crazy with the summer events. I will be going to Walnut Creek for the assignment, so maybe I can go hang out some more with devonapple and DW some night.
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It seems life was not complicated enough. My transmission is acting up, and even if it does not end up resulting in a new transmission, just finding out what the problem is has already cost me almost $600. A new transmission is likely to reach or exceed $2000, and that does not include the $700 I should really spend on the major scheduled service that is due.

I need a $3000 auto bill like I need a hole in my head!

And all of this while I am on assignment in Danville, for which I need to drive to. It is a good thing I have been been able to bum rides to and from work off of very thoughtful friends.

Edit: Just got the call from the dealer...
Transmission repair = $1400
Regular maintenance = $700
Spent already at the garage I first took it to = $90
Total = $2390



Mar. 6th, 2007 04:18 pm
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I will be working on an assignment in Danville for the next week or so.

Work = good.
Commute to Danville = could be worse.

Must get enough sleep tonight, although I am happy to say I did last night, so I hope to keep up the trend.

Hey [livejournal.com profile] devonapple, want to hang out some night next week? Check with DW and let me know.
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Since I use a Wacom tablet on my lap when I work (and game) I am pleased to have found a way that Tabitha can be with me when I work without her having to be on my lap or getting into trouble climbing around the desks. I put her cat bed on my desk, right underneath the desk lap. Although she is often sleeping when there, I think she likes the warmth of the lap so I leave it on even when I don't need it for light while she is there. Of course, I like the warmth too, now that it has cooled off, since my desk is in the least insulated corner of the house. Brrrr!
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I was lucky to get the last Richmond train home tonight. I left work just before midnight.

Yay for overtime pay!

Meanwhile, I am taking Thursday off to work on some of my own stuff, and take the kitten in to get her stitch removed (she only got the one).

I am not sure I can get away with the generic anymore, as we now have two kittens. The housemate-without-LJ adopted one on Friday last week who, at first glance, looks very similar to Tabitha, although Sasha is about a month older, so a bit bigger.

Since both of the housemates are not home tonight, I expect all the cats will be vying for space on my bed tonight. Sasha has been sleeping on my feet the past couple of nights, which I don't mind too much.

Once upon a time I did not let the cats stay in my room at night. That is no longer possible. Sigh... they are rather cute though, when they are not attacking my face.

I really should get so sleep, but getting home at one's normal bedtime makes it difficult. I need my wind-down time.


Apr. 9th, 2006 03:51 pm
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I just applied for a job at Juniper Ridge to be the Art Director/Graphic Designer. Since this seems like the kind of place I would really enjoy working (small craft as aposed to large corporate), I really hope to hear back from them.

Send good thoughts on this working out!
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The start of this year was dead, work wise. I think I worked a total of about a week or so for both January and February combined. The start of March was picking up a little, but it has not been until last week that things started to get going full speed.

So where is the break peddle?!

...it pours! )

I hate turning down work, but it is nice to be in demand again.

Oh, and to add to this, my Piedmont client asked me to cat-sit for her while she presents the work I helped her with at the client in San Diego for a few days. So, it looks like on Thursday and Friday nights I will be nesting down with her sweet-but-aged cat, Ruby.
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I am sitting on an airplane to Puerto Vallarta next to my grandparents; my uncles and their families in the rows behind us. The effort to get this far seems Herculean on my part, so it is with much relief that I finally am almost there. I am not sure when i will be able to post this, but I have time to finally put some of this down.

On how Ragani finally escaps and the mayem she endured to get there... )

Later I will see if I can get some photos up of this fabulous place we are staying.

Oh, and as you may have guessed, it turns out to have DSL, so send me those photos after all.
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I spent much of November without work. This sucked in many ways, obviously, but mostly because I now have more work than I can handle realisitically, some of which I really wish I had been working on last month. Currently I am juggling three "clients" who all have work for me this week. A fourth had expresssed interest in needing my help, but I am not surprised (and am in fact releived, now) that she has not manifested that work for me. I know that freelancing/temping (which is what I am doing right now) will always be in flux, but this is such a stark contrast from last month that it stand out to me. I leave for the family trip to Mexico on Tuesday morning, and am staying at my grandparents place the night before so we can all go to the airport together. I am booked today and tomorrow in Walnut Creek, Friday and half of Monday in San Francisco, and all the other time to work on a big project for HEN, which I am doing from home, thankfully.

Plans to go to Dickens Faire on Saturday are looking unlikely, although I am still keen to try, if just to take a break. I am still suffering from various low-grade symptoms from whatever cold that my whole house got last month. My neck hurts enough these days that I need pain killer to sleep at night. I already made an appointment to see my accupuncturist on Sunday, who did some work on my neck last month, and plan to stop in at the clinic to check out my lingering cold symptoms on Saturday, because that is the earliest I am available. I do not relish flying with my sinuses (and therefore my ears) having issues, not to mention just being under the waether while on vacation.

Then there is the question of when am I going to find time to get or make any more holiday gifts? So far I was able to make some of the LJ icons for some of you that I wanted to create, but that is hardly a dent in my list. Sure, people probably know that I am not in the best position to be giving lots of gifts this year, but for me, giving gifts, especialy ones with some thought put into them, is what I enjoy about gift giving holidays. My dad is the same way, so I must get it from him.

Funny how I hardly posted at all in November when I had the time (but not much to post about) and now that I am too busy, I am being posty. I am sure I will think of other things I want to post about soon too.

edit: I got to leave my assignment at 3:45 today, so I am home and going to start on my other project for a a while. What I really want is a nap.


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