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My betta fish finally shuffled off the mortal coil sometime this weekend. I have known for some time that he was not doing well, but none of the treatments I tried seemed to help. For a $5 fish from PetCo I suppose this is not all that surprising. He did manage to last almost 2 years, but I have not decided if I want to get another fish or not. One less life to worry about might be a good idea. Having a cat is far more than I wanted in pet responsibilities as it is, and although a betta fish is low maintenance, it is still more than I want.
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On Friday, two events happened that effected the cat population at The Greenhouse (the name for where psyche7772, C, and I live).

The first was the much anticipated naming of the kitten. Yes, the kitten now has a name. For some reason, the name Tabitha popped into my head, and I realized it fit well. Not only is the kitten a tabby, but it seems like a good transition from Lil'Bit, which she still gets called at times. I am not sure if there are any literary or other references, aside from Bewiched, so if anyone has ones I should know, please comment.

Later that night, while eating dinner with psyche7772 and mercator_7, our neighbor came by to let us know that roommate C's cat did not look good. Winchester, a cranky, lovable old ginger tomcat C has had for 16 years, was laying in the sun, but not looking too present. Sure enough, he seemed to have just passed on as dusk approached.

C she was out celebrating [livejournal.com profile] katiis' birthday at the Santa Cruz boardwalk at the time, so psyche7772 called her to let her know. C drove home, and with the help of her mother, got paw prints for the tattoo she is going to get on her ankle of his paws. Although not unexpected, it did seem rather sudden. However, as far as kitty passings are concerned, he fell asleep in a ray of the setting sun, so it was both peaceful and poetic.

It is one more answer as to why a kitten came into our lives when she did.
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It seems the universe has seen fit to send me a kitten.

I just moved in to a house with two cats, both of who I like, and who were delighted to get rid of the third cat who was here with the last roommate. All I brought with me is my latest betta fish (Tiberius "Mo" Worley) and figured that was about all I was willing to commit to as far as owning a pet is concerned. Feed every other day, change water every couple of weeks. No problem! The last score of cats I have lived with have had a strict not-in-my-bedroom policy enforced on them, although I have been lax about that with the two I just moved in with.

So, yesterday, both of my roommates reported kitten mewing. C found out from our upstairs neighbors when they asked if it was one of our cats, [livejournal.com profile] psyche7772 had heard it herself during the night. That evening, C was grilling our dinner and I was hanging out with her while painting the set of little drawers for the bathroom I got at Ikea when I too herd the mewing.

Definitely a kitten mewling.

The next door neighbor girl was trying to coax her out from the pallet full of bricks next to our house. Seems there is a decent hiding space in the slats of a pallet. Real difficult for a human to get to when there are bricks stacked on and next to it, though. We eventually scared the kitten out from under the pallet, but she made a dash for the neighbor's yard. I left the neighbors to the hunt, and went back to helping get dinner ready.

Later, after dinner, C heard the mewling again, and went out to investigate herself. Seems the kitten had returned to the pallets, but had picked the easier to get to pallet. With some ingenuity and coordination, C and I were able to get the kitten out, and into my (gloved) hands. She was, of course, frightened, but shortly burst into periodic purring.

C loaned me her cat's carrier and we set the kitten up in my room with food, water and a towel. She continued with her mewing for most of the night, so I got less sleep than normal, waking up fully about 7 or so. Attempts to get back to sleep seemed futile, so I read for a bit, listening to the mewing until I finally decided to pick her up and see if she was willing to be social.

Score! She was very social, although she could not keep still. She kept rubbing against me, and trying to burrow under my neck. She has finally quieted down, for the most part.

Now to figure out if I want to take on a kitten or not.



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