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Oct. 29th, 2007 10:56 pm
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With access to better source photos, I think I am happier with the latest version of the remake for [ profile] gianni. I made my first attempt some time ago, as the original, Portrait of Francesco II della Rovere, by Barocci was so obviously [ profile] gianni that is was begging to be remade with his face.

gianni gianni
Based on Portrait of Francesco II della Rovere, by Barocci
LJ icon sized LJ icon sized

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Apparently no one had mentioned to [ profile] i_am_dsh that I had used her likelness in the famous Vermeer painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring, so here it is again for all to enjoy. Please pass this post along to her so she can enjoy it too.

LJ size LJ size

[ profile] i_am_dsh with the pearl earring...
Deborah with a pearl earring Deborah with a pearl earring

The photo of [ profile] i_am_dsh worked so well with this famous Vermeer painting, I could not resist.

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I am not sure how I managed to find time to squeeze this in, what with the non-stop busy schedule I have had recently. This was one of those ones that just jumped out at me when I saw it, in this case, as being clearly meant for me to use for [ profile] angelkatharine. Seeing as she sent me more images the other day I finally had a better image of her to make this work.

Laura, a la Artemis Laura, a la Artemis

This is one of those paintings that just jumped out at me as being perfect for someone specific, in this case Laura. Although, this painting seems to imply a pregnant woman, so I hope Laura does not take this as a hint or something.
Laura al la Artemis, LJ icon Laura al la Artemis, LJ icon

LJ icon cropped version.

Also, this is a reminder to other people I have asked to send me photos of them for this project.

Edit: Thanks, [ profile] noirem, for the critical eye. The color has been adjusted a bit to make it blend better.
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Thanks, [ profile] terpsichoros, for getting me the higher res image for this one. My aunt was especially impressed with this one because she loves this painting.

Full size image... )


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