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I feel like life is not giving me much of a break these days. I kind of thought I would be able to rest after Lark Camp, and I did make a point of sleeping late the week I came back, but now I am waking up at 6 each morning to get into work by 8 each morning for an assignment that started yesterday. Blah! I am not a morning person, so this is not ideal. I was hoping that the weekend in Yosemite at the final CalESAR summer camp training would be good practice getting up at 6 AM, but somehow waking up by myself in my own bed is very different from waking up in a sleeping bag with the help of your tent mate and the instructor.

I am managed to stay well through all of the CalESAR Summer Camp and even through the stress of Lark Camp, so, of course now I am fighting a cold. Sigh....

It is odd to think that CalESAR Summer Camp was more of a vacation than Lark. This last weekend I managed to get 2 blisters (one on the inside of my big toe!), but otherwise survived the adventure well. I will post photos later, although I have some of them posted on FaceBook already. Yes, I blame my sister and [livejournal.com profile] abditus for getting a FaceBook account. Oddly, I am enjoying it. Very distracting.

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Aug. 5th, 2007 06:04 pm
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I uploaded what photos I had been able to capture before my camera decided it wanted to vacation in Camp 3 for the remainder of Lark Camp. They can be found on my Flikr site, under Lark Camp. Most of my photos were of people on crew because I am trying to have faces to go with the names. There are a couple of people that I am having difficulty recalling their names, so if you see someone you know that is not named, let me know who it is.

Meanwhile, I made myself a couple of Simpsons icons (there seem to be two Simpsons avatar generators). I would love to go see the Simpsons movie with friends, if anyone is interested. Meanwhile, my sister is visiting a friend before she leaves, and I am hanging at home reading HP7.

On my way

Jul. 25th, 2007 09:22 am
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I am off to start my journey up to Lark. Shopping today, then a night on the coast with a chance to relax before jumping in to a week of band camp in the woods.

I must note that my dad and sister ROCK! They figured I would want to read their copy of HP7 and scheduled their reading so she would finish it while she was here visiting for Lark. She handed it to me last night. Dad, of course, had to read it first, so he spent Sunday reading it.

See some of you there, and the rest when I return.

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This is to remind those of my friends who want to work at Lark Camp in the kitchen for a full scholarship needs to let Don Brown (donbrown@napanet.net) know now. The staff list is filling up already and we might not have room for people if you wait to decide later.

Let Don know the following information:
- name
- contact information
- experience (what you can and are wiling to do for us in the kitchen)
- where you want to camp, if you know (check out the info on the Lark site) and if you are going to camp with anyone (remember, if you choose to camp in a tent, please try to make it at least a double occupancy)

If you do send Don an e-mail, please CC me (ragani (at) ragani (dot) com) so that I can keep track of who has contacted him from among my friends.

I hope to see you there!!
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I am back from Lark Camp, and can report that I am indeed alive, but considering how sick I was, it was far from the wonderful time I had hoped for. I am feeling a bit better, but am still recovering and suspect I will be for some time.

I did enjoy seeing many friends who have never been before have a good time. I put roommate C to work helping us out with kitchen admin in Camp 2, which was very handy. We discovered that [livejournal.com profile] rose42dance makes a great morning cashier, and are pleased she will be coming back to do more cashiering for us next year. I got to dance with [livejournal.com profile] darkfuzzyheart a couple of times near the end of camp, which was fun, as he is not a boring dancer at all. Although I saw [livejournal.com profile] veryloki, I did not get to spend much time with him, let alone dance with him, although I doubt my head could have handled his vigorous dance style in the state I was in. I got to spend time hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] abditus' girlfriend, who is lovely, both in personality and as a dancer. Other regulars, such as [livejournal.com profile] jenya_leann, were good to see, of course, and I hope we get to have her next year (fingers crossed). There were many former attendees I missed who I hope will come next year (you know who you are).

Oh, and I warn anybody who plans to come next year, Lark camp was sold out this year, and the staff list filled up fast, so please decide sooner in the year that you want to attend. I would hate to see you turned away!
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I woke up this morning feeling like crap, which is really not the way I wanted to start off on the morning I leave for Lark camp. I had way too much to do today to really be able to take care of myself as much as I should.

Today was spent mostly shopping at CostCo with DB et al in Santa Rosa. Instead of continuing on to stay at the director's house tonight, I decided to crash at my mom's place and get some rest first. This also means I have mom to ply me with vitamins and the like to help me recover quicker.

For anyone going up to Lark Camp... see you there! For the rest of you, I will be back the first weekend of August... sometime.


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