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I am extremely sad to report the passing of one of my all time favorite cats, Olivia, to the distress and sadness of all in (and associated with) The Greenhouse (our home). My heart goes out to [livejournal.com profile] psyche7772 who has had Olivia as a good friend and companion through the roller-coaster of life for over a decade.

You will be missed 'Livy!

Olivia Olivia

One of the sweetest cats on earth.
I'm helping! I'm helping!

Olivia decided to help me move-in by siting on the seats from archanglekhaos' mini-van.

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On Friday, two events happened that effected the cat population at The Greenhouse (the name for where psyche7772, C, and I live).

The first was the much anticipated naming of the kitten. Yes, the kitten now has a name. For some reason, the name Tabitha popped into my head, and I realized it fit well. Not only is the kitten a tabby, but it seems like a good transition from Lil'Bit, which she still gets called at times. I am not sure if there are any literary or other references, aside from Bewiched, so if anyone has ones I should know, please comment.

Later that night, while eating dinner with psyche7772 and mercator_7, our neighbor came by to let us know that roommate C's cat did not look good. Winchester, a cranky, lovable old ginger tomcat C has had for 16 years, was laying in the sun, but not looking too present. Sure enough, he seemed to have just passed on as dusk approached.

C she was out celebrating [livejournal.com profile] katiis' birthday at the Santa Cruz boardwalk at the time, so psyche7772 called her to let her know. C drove home, and with the help of her mother, got paw prints for the tattoo she is going to get on her ankle of his paws. Although not unexpected, it did seem rather sudden. However, as far as kitty passings are concerned, he fell asleep in a ray of the setting sun, so it was both peaceful and poetic.

It is one more answer as to why a kitten came into our lives when she did.


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