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Several people have told me a Friday night outing would be best for the group Golden Age viewing. Since I am hosting a game night on November 2nd and there was a party I wanted to attend this Friday, I was not sure that was going to work. However, due to unfortunate medical complications, the party has been cancelled (take care, and get well soon), which frees up this Friday after all.

I propose this Friday we gather for some costume porn. Now, the only questions left are where and what showing time.

Personally, the AMC Bay Street (showtimes: 4:45, 6:20, 7:25) works best for me, but I realize there are several San Francisco people involved so my second choice is the Kabuki (4:20, 7:00, 9:30) as sadly, the otherwise more convenient Metreon is not an option.

Edit: The SF crew has suggested this alternative SF viewing locale:

Century San Francisco Centre. Their standard evening showtimes are 7:20 - 8:00. The San Francisco Centre is right on the MUNI/BART line at Powell -- it's the new shiny mall with the lovely Slanted Door takeout place in the basement. More convenient, I think, than Japantown.

I have to agree that it is more convenient over the Kabuki.

So, who all is in for a Friday showing? If so, which location and time is your preference?
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It is almost October, as evidenced by the Halloween decorations I saw yesterday, but more notably by the e-mail from a certain friend asking me to recruit people to be characters for the Harry Potter theme Halloween block in San Francisco. Last year, as many of you might recall, I was Fleur Delacour, complete with entire costume. I pulled it out again for the latest HP movie, but figure the next chance I will get to wear it will be on Halloween, like last year.

Well, this year, I have been asked if either myself or someone I know would like to be Luna Lovegood. OK, I really would rather get another year out of the Fleur costume, if not several, so I am not sure I should instead be Luna, but I suspect there is someone out there that would be a great Luna and just needs the excuse to put together a costume and join me and my friends (or be Fleur so I can be Luna). Also, I think there is needed a Tonks and/or MadEye, both which sound like fun roles.

Another role that I suspect at least one (or more) of my friends would have a lot of fun doing is The Fat Lady for the painting in the door to Gryffindor Tower. This involves wearing a ball gown, interacting with the stream of tricker-or-treaters, and even occasionally acting upset, drunk and belligerent as you see fit (although loyal to Gryiffindor students, of course). In the past they have had a static portrait, but we have be talking about how fun it would be to have someone really there interacting with people.
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Updated with pictures in the post instead of (broken) links.
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So, it has been decided that I need to be Fleur Delacour for the Harry Potter themed block event in San Francisco that a friend of mine helps host. They coordinate a block wide Halloween even that is widely attended. Last year I went as a random witch, which was easy enough to put together. However, Fleur will take more effort. Finding an image of her showing off her various outfits clearly was a challenge. Below are the ones I found. I think it will be easiest to put together one of the sporty uniforms as they are the most straight forward, but any suggestions or help are welcome.

Sporty uniform 1

Sporty uniform 2a
Sporty uniform 2b

School uniform

Travel uniform


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