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So, as dougygyro can attest, I did bring my Mac Mini to the Apple store... at 9 am yesterday morning! I was the very first customer in the door after it was unlocked. This is indeed the best time to be there as it is much less crowded, and the staff has not been harrased by customers all day yet.

The mac genious who helped me plugged my Mac Mini in, and tried turning it on. Can any of you guess what happend next? Well, anyone who has brought their car in to the mechanic and had the symptom not be there just when you want it to be can guess, it turned on! No problems at all. Sigh... well I wish it had done that for me when when I first tried it. Would have saved me a lot of trouble, to say the least.

I brought it home and plugged it in, and sure enough, it worked fine. Pesky computer playing games with me! I have it set-up at home now, and still have some things to sort out, but at least it will turn on for me.

Well, I also took the opportunity to have him check out my Airport express that I got some time ago and even with assistance from abditus (who suggested I get it in the first place), could not get it to work. Well, once again, it worked fine when he tested it out in the store. Of course, he showed me how to reset it to the factory settings, which I think helped out overall. He input the settings I would need, so when I got home I plugged that in also, and sure enough, was able to make it so I can get online on both my Mini and my laptop in the den. Yay! The only thing that is not working as well is the stereo connection. I got the kit that should allow me to listen to iTunes on the stereo through the Airport Express, and although I am sure I connected it all right, I get nothing.

Well, 2 out of three (and the most important 2) still makes me

Speaking of a third, I also asked him about my iPod battery, since it does not seem to be holding a charge. He explained my options (pay the one time fee of $39 to get it replaced, pay $59 for the extended warrentee, or go third party), so after some thought, I decided to relinquish my precious over to the nice man, pay for the extended warrantee and hope I get it back before I leave on Monday afternoon. It sucked though not having my iPod when I drove to Walnut Creek this morning for an assignment since I get almost no reception for more than half the way there.

I miss my iPod....
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I just got off the phone with Apple support, and, as I suspected, I have to take it into an Apple store and get it looked at.

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So, I got a package from UPS today. Yes, I was expecting it, but was not sure when it would arrive because my dad ordered it. Since I already knew what it was, I did not feel the need to wait to open it, and it is something I need now.

Yes, my dad got me a Mac Mini for Christmas!

So, before even having breakfast this morning, I open the box up and get everything hooked up. Even spent some time making sure all the wires were not too tangled. I excitedly reach back and press the power button and....

Nothing happens.

Yes, I checked all the connections, and everything looks good. Power is available and hooked up, all the other connections are good, it should be good to go.

Still, nothing.

I was so planning to write a "first post on my new computer" and instead I am back on my laptop, writing about how my new computer is doing nothing.



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