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Sort of amused that I am getting into using this tool. It is rather a consumer whore's playground, if you ask me, but fun all the same.

Home, home

Aug. 6th, 2008 10:26 pm
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Wow, thanks for all the good advice on weather to buy a house or not!

As it turns out, we had looked at a place we liked last night that, although we had the same problem with [livejournal.com profile] chaosloom's credit, the option to co-sign with a family member was also made available. As it turns out, I was having lunch with my dad, so he kindly offered to co-sign. So, since this is a year lease, it looks like we will take at least a year to think about it, and do what ever we can to repair credit, save money, and simply decide if it is even something we want.

Oh, and the new place? It is in an apartment complex the property manager thought we would be a good fit because some of the other tenants are an eclectic mix of artsy types (one example she gave was that one was a fire dance). Also, it is on Echo St. in Piedmont. What a cool address! We are thinking of naming it The Echo Chamber.
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The last couple of weekends have been taken up with the great apartment search. I love where I live, but it really is not big enough for me, my lovely roomies and [livejournal.com profile] chaosloom. And really, in align with that "starting our new lives together" thing that we are embarking on, it seems like a good time to strike out on our own. Timing wise, we should probably move out by the start of September, because that is when one of the roomies returns from abroad, and things will get much tighter here.

We have looked at a range of places, some decent, some ridiculous. We even found a great one right across the street from where we are now and thought we had ended the search, only to be turned down because of [livejournal.com profile] chaosloom's credit. One friend, who just finished law school, pointed out that is was illegal for them to have turned us down when my credit and income is enough for me to take on the lease on my own, but we are not sure we want to pursue that "fight back" route at this time. Sigh...

Meanwhile, we have also talked about the possibility of owning. My step-mom thinks this is the perfect time for us to look for a place to buy because of the the current market conditions. There are any number of first-time home owner assistance programs in the towns where we are looking to live. There are even ones that are based on low-income, for which we might qualify for now (based on 2007 income), that we might not qualify for next year.

But really, is it a good time to buy? If so, why? And, what is the first step?
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As posted by [livejournal.com profile] halleyscomet, two fun and unexpected fund raisers for cancer research:

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Going to one's 20th HS reunion can be a chancy thing, especially when you missed the 10th so have not seen most of these people since you graduated. I helped out with some of the prep, most notably by scanning in the senior portraits and printing them out to be name tags. This turned out to be a big hit as people really got a kick out of seeing who had changed a lot and who looked the same (one guy even went around taking photos of everyone's name tag). Not to mention how helpful it was for jogging our memories. The turn-out was rather good, considering, and we ended up with probably 130+ people (including SO's, about 105 actual graduates from our year). The place was packed, wall-to-wall alumni, and I had almost lost my voice in the first hour just trying to make myself heard. It was odd being mobbed by people you may know, but don't necessarily recognize (I was handing out the name tags). I recognized several people right away, and totally flubbed a couple too (sorry Ceni and Tim!).

It was also fun having both John Hodgeman and Jonathan Coultan at my reunion. Nope, they did not crash it. Hodgman was the year behind us, so knew many of us in our year (including the girl he married), and it is through him that JoCo (who was a college buddy) met and married another girl in my class. John gave me a big hug when he saw me, but we did not talk much because there were so many people there we never managed to hang out. At some point I struck up a conversation with JoCo. Being at a reunion where he was a spouse is a different dynamic than the last time I met him, so I actually got a chance to talk to him this time (last time I had a sip of his brandy while talking with Hodgman at his book signing).

Additional highlights of the actual reunion include at least one apology for how badly I was treated by one of the guys who teased me a lot when we were in grade school (I had another one before the reunion from another gal by e-mail), and many people thanking me for my help with the reunion who barely talked to me in HS. Not to mention finding out that a friend of mine used my name in a screenplay he is writing as one of the kids who is the first to get killed in a slasher movie. He was worried I would be offended, but I thought it was a hoot!
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I would love to have one of these lamps.

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A friend linked to this article about an unusual fashion model, Velvet d'Amour. Oh, and for all you corset fans, she is too, and has them custom made.

Speaking of beautiful backsides, I am rather amused at the gaming company I ran across recently: Callipygian Games. They seem to be working on MMO games based on Grimm fairy tales.
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For all those who were worried that your heads were going to pop like popcorn because you use a mobile phone:
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From my mom...

Amazing topiary:

More at http://blog.bitcomet.com/leanjee/post_24724/
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Had a great time at BayCon. Especially hanging out with my soon-to-be-published author friends, The Brothers Kollin(azov) who have their first book, The Unincorporated Man, due in March '09. Mark your calendars and be sure to add this to your Amazon list once it becomes available.

Got a Wii for my birthday from [livejournal.com profile] chaosloom. So cool! I want more games, of course, but am enjoying it plenty with even just the Wii Sports that is included, and now, Raving Rabbids games (1 and 2) I got myself on Friday.

My actual birthday was rather low-key, so I am thinking of having a late birthday party on Sunday, June 22, al la brunch and games (yes, I may even share my Wii). Since it is so close to [livejournal.com profile] silverkun's real birthday, and he planned my birthday event last year, I might just make this a joint birthday party. I am sure I can talk him into bringing all his cool games, as well as his Wii, so there will be lots of games available. Oooh, dueling Wii's!


May. 21st, 2008 10:58 am
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Yeah, I am going. Making time for it in my über busy weekend has been a challenge, but I don't want to miss the chance to see several of my friends on panels (such a Eytan http://www.theunincorporatedman.com/). Not to mention, Pirates!!

The only problem is that [livejournal.com profile] chaosloom needs my car for moving needs on at least one, probably both days. Which leads me to my request.

Is there anyone coming from the east bay that can give me a ride? Mostly for Saturday morning, to BayCon from the east bay (I can meet you at a BART station if needed, although that limits what I can bring, costume wise), and maybe Sunday both ways. I am happy to contribute money for gas, of course.

Also, I didn't plan to need a place to crash, but it might make sense if I have at least a back-up plan in place for Saturday night, just in case.
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As mentioned before, my birthday plans are for dinner tonight. I decided that I wanted to go to Café Colucci, which, despite the name, is actually (really good) Ethiopian food (and yes, they have honey wine). The plan is to meet there at 7 tonight. The menu is online, to give you an idea of what they serve. They do not take reservations, so let me know if you are going to join us so that we know to wait for you (or not if you are going to be especially late). They are BART-able though, from the Ashby station.
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My birthday is Monday, and I have not made any plans. Life has just been too busy to make plans, and adding yet another obligation to the schedule, especially one I have to plan, does not seem like a good idea. However, I would like to do something, even if it is just dinner with a few friends.

Anyone want to get together for dinner on Monday?

Another thought is to reschedule my birthday celebration until early or mid June, which I HOPE will give me some breathing room to recover a little. Not sure if that makes feels too strange though. Sigh...
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Welcome DAHLIA MADELEINE SPIZMAN who arrived at 12:15am May 14.
All 7 lbs and 13 oz. of her.

Good job, [livejournal.com profile] psyche7772 and [livejournal.com profile] mercator_7!!! She's a beauty!
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So, we have not committed to anything specific for Saturday evening, figuring we would play it by ear, maybe hang with our hosts or other friends as opportunities presented themselves.

Well, there are too many cool sounding opportunities presenting themselves to us before we have even arrived!

[livejournal.com profile] chaosloom found out that Richard Cheese is playing at House of Blues in Disney Downtown, which looks like a lot of fun.

Then I got ahold of a friend from waaay back who lives in LA and he pointed out that he is going to go see some friends do a Pink Floyd tribute show in Hollywood at The Key Club.
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It was nice to tell [livejournal.com profile] chaosloom he was right when I called to tell him my wallet had indeed been at my office. It was hiding under some papers on the floor under my desk.

Plans are back on track for fun in SoCal this weekend. Who all is going to be there*?

*There = Faire on Sat. and Dland on Sun.


Apr. 23rd, 2008 10:16 pm
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I seem to have lost my wallet. On top of some other crappy stuff going on (small fender-bender on Sunday in the parking structure which was my fault because I was the one backing-up at the time), this just really bites.

The plan to go to SoCal will suffer some set-backs because of this, mainly the whole renting a car plan (which just booked this morning, dagnamit!). They don't like to rent cars to people who don't have a drivers license.

In the counting my blessings department, at least I get direct deposit so my paychecks will still get to my account. Oh, it does not look as if someone is using my debit card, since nothing untoward has posting in my account, so it does not look like it was stolen (which could mean there is a chance it will show-up).

Sigh... Universe, what have you got against me right now?
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So, [livejournal.com profile] chaosloom and myself are catching a flight down to SoCal this weekend. Our plans include a visit to Ren Faire on Saturday and Disneyland on Sunday. Anyone going to be around for either? (I already know about [livejournal.com profile] waywardbound and I expect to see some of the ren-regulars - just not sure who all that includes at this point.)

We are staying with the lovely[livejournal.com profile] 00smittenkitten and her puppy at their new home down near Anaheim. Since we are leaving on a very early flight Monday morning, it might make sense to stay at a hotel near LAX on Sunday instead. Any inexpensive suggestions?
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OK, I have a serviceable solution right now, but considering I have definitely have had need for this many times, and it would get used by her majesty, it is tempting to try to rig something like this eventually.
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OK, lay them on me...

What wedding planning sites (preferably free) do y'all recommend?
And why?

I already have found:



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