Dec. 10th, 2008

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We have been planning a trip to LA this coming weekend for some time now, but are now realizing our intended plans might now work as, well, intended.

I got tickets for us to fly into Long Beach because we are staying at a hotel in Anaheim ([ profile] 00smittenkitten  pointed out that it makes more sense anyway since it is the closer airport, and that way we can take JetBlue from Oakland). Our flight arrives Friday at 8:30 pm (JetBlue). Only problem is there does not seem to be any easy way to get from the airport to the hotel that is not on the expensive side. It turns out that none of the Anaheim hotels have shuttles to Long Beach Airport. At the moment, the best option seems to be taking a taxi (anyone know how much that is going to cost?). Does anyone know of a better way to make that journey?

Our current plans once we get there are to go to Disneyland on Saturday, including staying late enough for the fireworks. Sunday is more flexible since we were hoping to be available to visit with friends. Of course, in trying to avoid having a rental car, we are at the mercy of what ever transportation is available, and friends who are willing to come meet us where we can get to easily. 
Also, we will need to return Sunday night for a 8:25 pm flight home (see similar problem above about transportation).

So, are there suggestions for transportation, and interest in seeing us, either at Disneyland on Saturday, or making plans to hang out on Sunday?


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