Aug. 15th, 2008

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It looks like there will be a lot happening in San Francisco this weekend. It might be rather confusing, in fact, so here are a couple of links to help you plan. The street outside my office will be closed down for the disaster dress rehearsal. Elsewhere, or perhaps even in the same location, there is forecast of a zombie uprising.

Personally, I think I will avoid San Francisco all together, but some of you braver souls might want to check out the... show.
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OK, life does tend to hit hard and fast sometimes. This can be a good thing, but that does not mean it is not challenging.

So, [ profile] chaosloom and I got a place in Piedmont, which = good. We need to move before Faire starts = challenging. Add to that the idea that we would really prefer to have a camper/trailer set-up instead of a tent for Faire (we even already paid for a permit). That means we need to find one, which eats into the pack/move time. Finding one is proving to be a challenge.

Anyone out there among my friends with time to help with the move (packing/moving/use of vehicle)? We are looking at the weekend of 23/24 for most of the big stuff, but are hoping to get some done this weekend too.

How about a trailer for under $1000?
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For all the lovely people who offered to help me pack... You rock!

I will be packing most weeknights this week. I am usually home by or before 7 PM, but do warn me if you think you can make it.

Miss [ profile] noirem, your book boxes and professional book handling services are very welcome. Delegating book packing is one of the easiest things to do in a move, and although is exactly the kind of packing I gravitate toward when I am avoiding the more complex stuff, I have been studiously avoiding it for that very reason.

Miss [ profile] rose42dance, your offer of kitchen packing skills is also welcome, and will have to be done in concert with me as I will have to extract from much of the stuff that is staying here.

Miss [ profile] bdot, I am not sure how to get your offer of boxes either, but it is good to know I have a source if I get desperate. I am hoping that does not happen though.


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